Acceptance into the Major: Theatre

Prospective BA Theatre majors should arrange for an interview with the department's Undergraduate Advisor prior to their first semester on campus. The department encourages students to apply for the major early to ensure that courses can be taken in the proper sequence and to obtain the greatest benefit from departmental and area advisors. A theatre audition for incoming freshmen is necessary if you are applying for a Creative and Performing Arts Scholarship, if you are in the ACE Program (you would be notified by the UB Admissions Office if you are to be admitted as an ACE student), or if you would like to be considered for admission into the BFA Theatre Performance (Acting) program as an incoming student.

Prospective BFA Theatre Performance (Acting) majors must audition for acceptance into the program, either as prospective UB students, in the spring of their freshman year, or during their first year as transfers. Students must meet the University's admissions requirements and the program's audition requirements to enroll in the BFA acting sequence. Please click here for Required BFA Theatre Performance Audition Information.

A double major in Theatre and Dance or Theatre and Music Theater is possible.

Acceptance into the Theatre major requires the following:

  • Introduction to Theatre

  • Introduction to Technical Theatre (with Practicum)

  • One course in your proposed area or concentration

  • A GPA of 2.5 within the department and a GPA of 2.0 within the University

  • An interview with the department's Undergraduate Advisor

Special Academic Programs

Students interested in Joint Majors, Special Majors and Double Majors can design a major to fit their specific needs. Theatre can be combined with Art, Music, English, Psychology, Media Study, and many other disciplines.