Theatre Mission Statement

The Theatre program offers BA and BFA programs in which undergraduates study a broad range of theatrical disciplines covering the artistic, literary, historical, and technical aspects of theatre and performance, while concentrating on a specific area of production or scholarship.

The B.A. in Theatre encourages students to design their own focus within a liberal arts degree program. All B.A. Theatre students take core courses in the fundamentals of theatre, including acting, theatre history, and design. Beyond these requirements, students choose from among a wide variety of courses in their specific areas of interest, including acting, directing, dramaturgy, or theatre studies. B.A. students explore and integrate their interests by taking courses in Media Study, Visual Studies, and English, among others.

The B.F.A. in Theatre Performance (Acting) is a more intensive immersion in theatre in general and acting in particular, designed for students who demonstrate the desire, discipline, foundational skills, and potential to work as professional actors. B.F.A. Theatre Performance (Acting) students take three years of sequenced acting courses after their freshmen year, which serves as the foundation for their studies. They form an acting cohort with the B.F.A. Music Theatre students and take many of the same advanced acting courses. Prospective students should audition for the program as incoming freshmen or toward the end of freshmen year; they must commit to a minimum of three years of training in the B.F.A. program beyond their freshmen year. They are required to audition for the department's season every semester and be available for casting, unless they apply for and receive a waiver from the department to accept a role at an approved professional theatre in Buffalo.

All Theatre students are encouraged to participate in the department's season, including production work as designers, dramaturgs, and actors. Theatre students also have the opportunity to work for credit outside the department, including internships and roles at Buffalo professional theatres, as well as to design individual projects and courses of study to complement the department's offerings.

Theatre students are some of the most accomplished students in the College of Arts and Sciences. Many are enrolled in the University's Honors College. The program can serve as the groundwork for further study in theatre or as the liberal arts foundation for a variety of satisfying careers and graduate study. We're pleased that many of our Theatre graduates go on to successful careers in professional theatre, yet we're equally proud that many others apply the skills and knowledge from their theatre studies to enter law school, MBA programs, arts administration, education, and many other professional fields. A Theatre major is an excellent way for students to develop the critical skills of writing, technology, presentation, and critical thinking vital to professional success in the 21st century.