Friends of the Department


Gifts can be made to UB Theatre & Dance or to any of the scholarship endowment funds anytime. Awards for specific purposes may also be given. For more information contact: Molly Casarella, Undergraduate Advisor and Assistant to the Chair,

Jean Taylor Beard Endowed Fund, awards supporting the interests of students majoring in dance performance.

Alayne MacArthur Design Prize, awards to students in Design & Technology for sustained excellence or greatest improvement in scholarship, organization, communication, and citizenship.

Amanda Occhino Award, a gift from Dr. Frederick M. Occhino in honor of his daughter Amanda providing support to dance students making exceptional contributions to the dance program.

Steig O. Olson Fund, awards for students enrolled in the UB Theatre Program.

Abbe Raven – Martin Tackel Student Theatre Project, a fund established by Abbe Raven, President and CEO  of A+E Networks including networks A&E, History and Lifetime (class of '74) and Martin Tackel, prominent New York attorney (class of '73).  This award funds student-directed, student acted, and student produced projects.

Elizabeth Swados Award in Theatre & Dance, a gift from Robert O. Swados in honor of his daughter Elizabeth providing merit based award(s) to undergraduate students in the Department of Theatre & Dance.

Stanley Dampier Travis Memorial Fund, gives scholarship support based on need for undergraduate and graduate students in the performing arts.

Perry Watkins Scholarship, full-tuition scholarship(s) for freshmen African American descent majoring in design/technology.

Other UB Theatre & Dance Funds:

Theatre & Dance Department Fund
Dance Program Fund
Design & Technology Fund
Katharine Cornell Theatre (KCT) Fund
Music Theatre Program Fund
Student Production Fund
Zodiaque Fund


We are very grateful for the generous support of the following individuals, businesses, and foundations:


The Office of the President; Dr. Sebastian G. and Marilyn Ciancio; Ms. Abbe L. Raven and Mr. Martin S. Tackel


The Office of the Dean; Mrs. Jane A. Liebner; Dr. Frederick M. Occhino; Thomas Mitchell and Thomas P. Ralabate


Ms. Lorraine Belczak; Ms. Ann R. Brown; Mr. Thomas B. Burrows; Mrs. Virginia Cruz; Dance Masters of America Inc.; Dr. William and Mrs. Carol A. Greiner; Ms. Alayne A. MacArthur; Mr. Arthur E. Oliner; Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Ralabate; Dr. Mary Anne Rokitka; Mrs. Bette A. Rupp; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Russ; Mr.and Mrs. Frank G. Siler; Michelle Spezio Ferm; Mr. Roberto Villanueva and Mr. Julian Hannon



Mr. Steven J. Adler; Dr. Takiyah N. Amin; Ms. Michelle Ballaro and Ballet Arts - Center for Dance; Dr. Laina Bay-Cheng; Dr. Sarah T. Bay-Cheng; Mr. Melvin Bernhardt; Mr. Barry D. Besmanoff; Mr. Dennis R. Black; Buffalo Bisons; Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association; Ms. Renee B. Bush; Mr. David Cominsky; Dance Masters of California, Inc. #13; Ms. Renee E. Conners-Wilkins; Tressa and Michael Crehan; Mrs. Marianne Crowe; Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Dandes; Ms. Teal Darkenwald; Mr. Dave Davis; David DeMarie Dance Studios; Mr. Mark J. Donahue; Dr. Stuart L. and Mrs. Nancy L. Dorfman; Ms. Lisa Elardo Edborg; Dr. Emily Ets-Hokin and Mr. David Kay; Ms. Sandra Janet Fazekas ; Mr. Gerald V. Finnegan; Mr. Andrew and Jeanne Palmer Fornarola; Ms. Shelley Hain; Ms. Kathi Halbert; Dr. Richard E. and Melanie Hall;  Dr. Jeri Jaeger; Mrs. Beth S. Kaplan; Ms. Geraldine D. Kennedy; Mr. Michael D. and Lisa A. King; Mr. Boris Klerer; Mr. Dr. Robert M. Knopf; Ms. Lindy S. Korn; Mr. Robert J. and Mary Ann Kresse; and Mrs. Leonard LaCongo; Mr. Jordan A. and Holly Levy; Mr. Kenneth R. Matthews; Dr. Bruce D. McCombe; Ms. Deborah McKinzie-Bristol; Mr. Kevin Mead; Mrs. Joyce N. Miller-Lichtenberger; Rhee Gold and Dance StudioLife Magazine; Mrs. Nancy Wolf Gossett; Mr. Michael Lydon; Ms. Elise P. May; Ms. Glenda Moss; Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Mullen; Mrs. Deanna O'Conner; Ms. Jennifer A. Reeves; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Paquette; Mr. Joseph A. Salvatore; Ms. Dolores Sapienza; Ms. Karen J. Schupp; Ms. Judith A Shomper; Dr. Walter S. Sutor; Patricia A. Taylor; Ms. Christine L. Thom; Visual and Performing Arts Academy; Ms. Carrie E. Wicks; Ms. Faye Willett; Dr. Peter and Mrs. Kendra Winkeistein; Mrs. Nancy Wolf Gossett; Mrs. Margaret M. Zak


Up to $100

Ms. Melanie Aceto; Dr. Robert C. Belter; Ms. Tricia Bertino and LaDanse Workshop; Ms. Suzanne Bernas-Mall and Performing Arts Dance Academy; Mr. Dennis R. Black; Ms. Susan Bologna; Ms. Melanie Boniszewski and Tonawanda Dance Arts Inc.; Ms. Luciana F. Brady; Ms. Darlene Brodeur; Mr. and Mrs. James Breidenstein; Mrs. Audrey Bunis; Mr. Wayne and Joann Bush; Mr. Mrs. Joan A. Calkin; Jill Chase Dance Studio; Monte L. Carlo; Mr. Joel E. Castlevetere; Mr. Leonard Castilone; Ms. Karen B. Cleary; Ms. Barbara Ciavarri; Ms. Debra Collier; Mr. James S. Corsaro; Mr. and Mrs. James Currey; Dance Masters of Western New York #8; Ms. Tracy L. Degenfelder; Mr. David H. Deutch; Ms. Margaret Duffy; Ms. Rachel D. Elzufon; Ms. Darcy A Engel; Ms. Judy Evans; Ms. Joyce Farranto; Ms. Karla Feather; Ms. Karen A. Fitzgerald; Ms. Rina H. Fitzgerald; Ms. Patricia Flowerday and DANCE 22; Dr. Anna K. France; Ms. Ann Freeman; Ms. Sandy Fukes and United Academy of Performing Arts; Ms. Karen Georger; Ms. Eleanor Donavan Gilson; Mr. Seth A. Girod; Mr. Gary Glor; Ms. Barbara Glover and Miss Barbara's School of Dance; Ms. Alison Jean Gozzi-Lewis; Mr. Jeremy A. Granger; Ms. Phyllis Guy; Ms. Shelley J. Hain-Lewandowski; Ms. Amy E. Hanley; Ms. Kellie Marie Heim; Dr. Clyde F. Herreid II; Ms. Joanne Hopkins and Dance Workshop; Ms. Maria S. Horne; Mr. Harold J. Hotchkiss; Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hunt; Ms. Paula Iacono; Mr. Michael J. Jablonski; Mr. John O. Jacoby; Ms. Gillian R. Julius; Ms. Justine L.Kish; Mr. Michael D. King; Ms. Danice M. Kowalczyk; Mrs. Jodi Marie Kowalski; Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kresse; Mrs. Amy N. Kunz;  Ms. Pat LaBelle; Mr. and Mrs. Peter LaCongo; Mrs. Eileen Lambert; Mr. Michael Lambert; Ms. Melinda J. Lamoreux; Ms. Kate A. Lazarovic; Lehman School of Dance; Ms. Cara Lea-Ballard; Ms. Mellissa M. Lipczynski; Ms. Lisa Logsdon; Mrs. Charlene Locascio; Mr. Robert Mann; Ms. Amy E. Martin; Mr. Nathan R. Matthews; Ms. Ann Mead; Ms. Mara and Ms. Marlene Merritt; Mrs. Lisa Ann McCarthy; Ms. Linda McDonald; Ms. Deirdre B. McGaffey Schwein; Ms. Erin McKendry; Ms. Yvonne Messer; Mrs. Joyce N. Miller-Lichtenberger; Ms. Anna C. Mills; Mrs. Patty Neal; Ms. April Nelson; Mrs. Linda T. O'Connor; Mr. Vincent M. O'Neill; Mrs. Tara J. Phillipps; Prudential Foundation; Ms. Jessica Rake; Ms. Kippy Ralabate; Ms. Krista Reeves; Ms. Erica Ross; Ms. Lorraine Russo; Mrs. Merry Sauers; Mr. Arthur C. Schaeffer; Mr. Joseph Schmidt and Mrs. Athena M. Pierakos-Schmidt; Mrs. Judith Severeance; Mr. Craig and Barbara Smith; Ms. Wendy Spencer; Mrs. Mitzi M. Standard; Ms, Trish Staszyk; Mrs. Christine M. Strauss; Ms. Larraine Susa; Ms. Paula Takach; Ms. Robin J. Thompson; Mr. Guy Tomassi; Ms. Carrie Triscuizzi; Ms. Versteeg and Expressions of Dance Arts; Mrs. Ellom Anne Walker; Ms. Susan Walsh; Patricia Wegryn-Pawlowski and Steppin Out Dance Academy; Ms. Leslie Wexler; Mr. David R. and Susan Wedekindt; Mr. Richard H. Wesp; Mr. Douglas J. Weyand; Ms. Christine Whelan; Mr. Douglas P. Wooley; Mrs. Carol A. Wright