Admission to the Department of Theatre & Dance is competitive. All interested students must audition for Dance, Music Theatre or Theatre Performance. An interview and portfolio review are required for acceptance into BFA Design and Technology. All incoming BA freshmen must also audition if they are applying for a scholarship (Creative and Performing Arts - Theatre/Music Theatre). Students may also audition for BFA Theatre Performance, or submit a portfolio for BFA Design and Technology, at the end of their freshmen year.

Students must also be admitted into the University. See UB Admissions. There are a number of special Awards and Scholarships through Admissions and the University available to incoming students.

Please do not wait to be accepted to the University to audition. Sign up for an audition ASAP. You are strongly urged to have your completed UB application on file in the Admissions Office by December 31, 2013. (A completed application means that all test scores, transcripts, rankings, etc. are received by the Admissions Office.)

This year we will be holding auditions in Buffalo and New York City. Click on the audition/interview categories to the left for more information.

In addition, each year the University at Buffalo invites 200 exceptional incoming freshman to participate in the UB Honors College.