Undergraduate Financial Aid and Scholarships

Financial Aid

UB Financial Aid Office


**Awards are dependent upon funding**

UB has various scholarships available based on a student's high school record, SATs, talent, and need. These include Admissions Scholarships, Out of State Scholarships and others. Please refer to http://www.cas.buffalo.edu/students/ for details.

For questions on the scholarships listed, please contact Molly Casarella at mollycas@buffalo.edu 

Stanley Dampier Travis Memorial Fund 

A named scholarship in memory of Stanley Dampier Travis. Awards are granted annually to worthy undergraduate/graduate need based students.

Jean Taylor Beard Endowment [Dance Program Only]

A named scholarship in honor of Jean Taylor Beard to promote her interests and life-long career in dance. Awards are granted annually for guest choreographers/upper class dance majors for excellence in performance and choreography.

Amanda Occhino Award [Dance Program Only]

A named scholarship in memory of Amanda Occhino from Dr. Frederick M. Occhino. This yearly award is granted annually to sophomores and junior dance majors who exemplify enthusiasm, commitment and dedication to the dance program.

Perry Watkins Scholarships for freshmen of African American descent in Design Tech Theatre [Design Tech and Theatre Programs Only]

- Recipients must be a freshmen of African American Descent
- Recipients must be entering the University as Freshmen

- These are full tuition scholarships. All other expenses and fees must be paid by the recipients.
- Recipients of the scholarship must maintain academic standards as outlined in the scholarship guidelines.
- Recipients are expected to assist in the recruitment effort for future recipients of this award.


Perry Watkins Scholarship Application

The Steig O. Olson Endowment Fund [Music Theatre and Theatre Programs Only]

A named scholarship in honor of Steig Olson, Class of 1948. Awards are granted to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in one of the department's theatre programs who intend to pursue a career in theater arts and have demonstrated commitment and ability to succeed in a theatrical profession. Preference will be given to candidates who, all things being comparable, can demonstrate financial need.