Facilities - Studios and Shops

Rehearsal Workshop

This space is used for acting classes and as a rehearsal space for department productions. The room is configured like the Black Box Theatre, but more modestly equipped for lighting and sound. Many excellent student-initiated shows have been produced in this space.

Dance Studios

Most of our dance classes and rehearsals for dance concerts happen in these studios. Each studio has a marley floor, a great sound system, and 18-foot high mirrors on two sides.

Scene Shop

This shop houses all the tools and equipment for building a show. Everything is done here, from carpentry to painting to welding. We place particular emphasis on providing a safe environment in which to work, so the shop includes a spray booth and dust collection system.

Costume Shop

With its natural light and windows overlooking Lake LaSalle, this large airy room provides an excellent environment for designing and sewing costumes.

Craft Room

This large well-appointed room is dedicated to props and other craft-related projects.

Design Suite

This suite includes a drafting room, a rudimentary lighting lab and a ten-seat computer lab with design software.